News, A Well-Known Voting Rights Organization, Is Being Sued By Its Founder!

For everyone who is aware of the renowned institute’s involvement in activities pertaining to individual voting rights, this is in fact very shocking news. The information confirmed that Debra Cleaver’s most notable accomplishment was founding the voting rights group is being sued.

It has been more than 10 years for Debra Cleaver to run this prominent organization of voting rights. Debra reportedly sued this organization which she founded because she found unethical termination and many other charges in a series of attempts to re-establish control over the organization which fired her nearly 3 years ago., A Well-Known Voting Rights Organization, Is Being Sued By Its Founder

Debra Cleaver filed this complaint, alleging that the vote. Org’s board members fired cleaver in the year 2019 after she raised her concerns over the board for offering a breached salary of 40k $ to an employee who resigned following his own will., A Well-Known Voting Rights Organization, Is Being Sued By Its Founder

Cleaver opposed this decision saying that the organization is not at all authorized to make any such decision especially when it comes to an employee’s salary as the funds for the organization came from charitable funds. Debra also believes that there is some inappropriate data in the funds of the organization too. On the other hand Vote. Org has a very different story. 

The Whole Incident

Debra’s lawsuit against the voting rights group she founded was discovered after it was filed. This lawsuit and dispute involve an online voter registration body with ties to former US President Barack Obama.

Apart from former President Obama the organization also has links with NAACP and National Basketball Association. There are also rumors that many celebrities were looking for strategies to increase voting. Taylor Swift’s 2018 Instagram post reportedly drew 65k voters in less than 24 hours.

Currently, the US is going through a difficult time when there is a mid-term election in the air. The US needs this voter advocacy group because voter turnout is at a record low.

I Devoted My Life To Protecting The Voting Rights Of The Citizens – Debra Cleaver

Debra Cleaver said that she devoted her entire career to defending the US Democracy and she has spent many years of her life building the Voting rights organization ‘vote. org’. She also said that she is well aware of the fact that the Democracy of the US is very delicate as of now. And insiders can’t advance at the expense of the organization and US democracy.

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