A lawsuit Was Filed To Challenge Luxury Housing Development In Huntsville!

Some Huntsville residents sued a developer who planned to subdivide Monte Sano for future development projects due to concerns over loss of property and other damages they believed would result from the subdivision.

This incident is slowly gaining a lot of eye fall by different people who keep a watch on news related to property development.

A lawsuit Was Filed To Challenge Luxury Housing Development In Huntsville

The attorney of Huntsville, Robert Rodgers filed the legal documents on behalf of the seven clients who are residents of Huntsville. The seven clients who came forward to file the lawsuit are Katherine Morris, Kelly Wells, Kenneth Welch, Sheri Welch, Bertram, Neil, and Ava Czajkowski.

A lawsuit Was Filed To Challenge Luxury Housing Development In Huntsville

These clients reportedly stay in the area which reportedly comes very closer to the area proposed for further development. There is only one vehicle assessment point at the proposed development site, according to the lawsuit. People think this is part of another argument.

Residents Object To The Plan

The residents of the neighborhood which is alongside the site of development were the ones who filed the lawsuit. Following their filing of the lawsuit the city council reportedly approved the zoning change to give space to the development.

The vehicle access point is just a planned 200-foot extension of Hayley’s Way, which is currently a dead-end road. This dead-end Hayley’s way reportedly connects the Gaslight Way which is another street connecting to a busier Bankhead Parkway.

This road further connects with Downtown Huntsville. Thomas Nunez, city manager for planning services, presented the development project to the council in May. Regarding the lawsuit, he said that the development project is totally under the restriction of the slope ordinances.

As of now, the lawsuit has reportedly requested a bench trial for this case. Circuit Judge Alison Austin is handling the lawsuit that requests she ban construction or development.

What’s The Whole Matter?

The property developer was reportedly working on a plan to create a subdivision on Monte Sano. Before acquiring any approval from the city he started receiving a lot of opposition from the residents of the city. According to the residents, the development project will have many bad outcomes for the existing property like loss of property value for the houses in the neighborhood and much more.

Residents are also concerned about flooding and soil erosion caused by the proposed mountain slope construction. The property which was under the plan for development is now under a legal suit.

Following the filing of the legal suit, the developer who developed the 64-unit subdivision which is known by the name, the Summit at Monte Sano, is also now in the shadow of legal proceedings as the firm is too named under the legal suit. Forever Developer partners are the name of the developing company which was the one who developed the 64 subdivision unit.

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