Plaintiffs Received $31M From The Jury In The Kobe Bryant Crash Case!

Kobe’s wife fought for a long time, and the jury’s decision shows that her perseverance paid off in the end.

Jurors had listened to the emotional testimony and 11 days’ worth of graphics. During the Trial, Witnesses showed the images of the bar where the two people were sitting, whereas another deputy had shared photos earlier while playing an electronic game. 

Meanwhile, other images were shared by fire officials who showed photos to another person while at the awards ceremony. A fire captain had also taken the photos, but his hard drive was missing. A deputy has also airdropped images to anonymous people while it was in firefighting gear. 

Plaintiffs Received $31M From The Jury In The Kobe Bryant Crash Case

The jury found that the Fire Department and Sheriffs lacked proper training and policies, resulting in rights violations.

Plaintiffs Received $31M From The Jury In The Kobe Bryant Crash Case

Jurors didn’t agree with only a few of the plaintiffs’ claims like that Customs took the illegal photos and that the fire department wasn’t responsible for the widespread action. The sheriff’s department was also liable for the same issue.

Soon after the verdict was announced, Bryant had hugged their attorneys. And she continued to cry. Bryant had then tearfully embraced Natalia, her daughter, at the front row.

She didn’t make any statement while leaving the courthouse but did post a picture of her family on Instagram with a small caption. “All for you! I love you! Justice for Kobe and Gigi!”.

Her Attorney, Lusi Li, had said that the case was always about accountability, and the Jury was now speaking unanimously. 

Meanwhile, after the verdict, counsel for LA county released a statement. She said that they disagree with the findings by Jury and consider the County’s liability. Further, they believe that the monetary awards display that the jurors did not believe in the evidence supported by the plaintiffs and their demand of USD 75 Million for the emotional distress.

Moreover, Mira Hashmall would discuss the further steps with the client. And they hope that Chester and Bryant’s families continue healing from this tragedy. 

Soon after the Incident, in September 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an “invasion-of-privacy-bill,” also known as the “Kobe Bryant Act. ” 

According to this act, it is illegal for first responders to share any images of the dead person for any other purpose apart from official law enforcement at the crime scene. If someone breaks this law, they have to pay a fine of USD 1000.

Coincidently the act was announced on August 24 on Kobe Bryant Day, which was created in Orange County in 2020 and Los Angeles in 2016 to honor the Lakers star’s two famous numbers on the jerseys, 8 and 24. The Lakers have now retired both numbers. 

Bryant decided to donate her winnings to Kobe and Gianna’s foundation. I mentioned that Mrs. Bryant hoped this civil right case would stop all the callous and disgusting behavior.

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