Oracle Is Being Sued In A Class-Action Lawsuit For Tracking 5 Billion People!

A class action lawsuit against Oracle in the Northern District of California has been filed. It accused Oracle and its various advertising subsidiaries and tech companies of violating the privacy of multiple people on the “Earth.”

Oracle, a company that provides cloud solutions, is facing a class action lawsuit in the state of California, in the United States. People say that the company broke the law by using its “worldwide surveillance machine” to spy on people. People believe that the company has wronged at least 5 billion people.

Oracle Is Being Sued In A Class-Action Lawsuit For Tracking 5 Billion People

The lawsuit was filed in California in its Northern district. On Monday, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties ICCL claimed that the company and its various subsidiaries had collected information about multiple users without their consent.

Oracle Is Being Sued In A Class-Action Lawsuit For Tracking 5 Billion People

Oracle is a company that works in the data industry for tracking and processing data. As per the revenue reports by Oracle generates approximately USD 42 Billion.

Dr. Johnny Ryan (Senior Fellow – FCCL) is one of three class representatives in the recent lawsuit against Oracle. Further, Dr. Ryan stated that Oracle had violated the privacy of many people worldwide.

One of the Fortune 500 companies has gone on a dangerous mission to track the data of all the people in the world. The FCCL is taking action against Oracle’s surveillance machine.

Data Tracked By Oracle

As per the lawsuit, Oracle’s dossier has collected information about people, such as names, emails, home addresses, purchases, and physical movements in the real world. The collected data also includes online activity, interests, income, and user actions.

ICCL has found major instances that have proven that they collected every bit of information. One oracle database user paid 10 euros with a debit card on an esports betting website. Oracle had coordinated a global trade about people’s data through one of the products Oracle Data Marketplace.

Ryan had filed the lawsuit with Dr. Jennifer Golbeck – a Computer Science Professor at the University of Maryland, and Micheal Katz-Lacombe, Director- of the Center of Human rights and privacy.

The class action lawsuit against Oracle depicts that it violated several laws and acts like common law, the California Invasion of Privacy Act, the constitution of the State of California, the Federal Electronic, and the Communications Privacy Act.

Oracle has not yet offered any commentary. Back in August 2020, a similar Lawsuit was filed against a lawsuit under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe. This Act protects the user and their privacy in the Netherlands and London. 

The company was alleged to breach the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. But the lawsuit was thrown out because there wasn’t enough public support and one of the arguments wasn’t valid.

Ryan noted all the points and advocated changing Salesforce and Oracle’s data tracking methods. Recently, several companies have reported a lot of cases related to data privacy violations. Hence users should be careful while using any data application.

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