The Illinois Google Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement’s Deadline To Submit Claims Is Approaching!

A class action lawsuit settlement has occurred, and the final hearing is on August 28. The plaintiffs are expected to receive the USD 400 as a settlement amount.

There is very little bandwidth left for the Illinois residents to place a file for the claims related to the multi-million dollar settlement against the class action lawsuit related to google. According to the case, a settlement was made with Facebook recently, where several eligible Illinois residents received nearly USD 400 this year. 

The Illinois Google Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement’s Deadline To Submit Claims Is Approaching

The company had said the personal biometrics of users who reside in Illinois. And as a result, the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act was violated as they collected and stored the user’s information through a photo-sharing application called google photos without proper consent or notice to the users. 

The Illinois Google Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement's Deadline To Submit Claims Is Approaching

In early 2022, the settlement agreement was made, and eligible candidates were asked to file the claims. Meanwhile, Google had not given an immediate response to its NBC 5 Request for comment. Further, it denied all the allegations made through the lawsuit and did not admit that it did any wrongdoing as written in the settlement agreement. 

How Many Claims Do The Illinois Residents Eligible For? And Who Qualifies For A Claim?

According to the official settlement website, the residents who appeared in the google photos while in Illinois as a resident between May 1, 2015, and April 25, 2022, are eligible to file the claim. 

The expected date to file the claim was September 24. All the claims submitted before or on the latest date would be considered for payment. At the same time, people who wanted to withdraw back from the settlement were on August 10. Meanwhile, a final approval hearing is scheduled on Sunday, September 28. 

The users who filed claims are expected to receive payments 90 days from the day of the final settlement hearing.

What Are The Other Companies That Have Violated The Same BIPA Law?

BIPA, or Illinois Biometric Privacy Act, prohibits institutions and companies from collecting the biometric data of citizens without their consent. No matter what business the company is. Any personal information about the user should not be traded, sold, or transferred.

Unlike other States, Illinois residents can file a lawsuit if they find a violation happened. There have been hundreds of cases that have occurred against some of the Fortune 500 companies. 

One of the recent settlements made by the Federal Judge in Illinois was against the US 92 million class action lawsuit against Tik Tok by the users. Illinois residents are yet to receive the largest chunk of money from the BIPA payments. 

A few more companies like Snapchat have violated the same law by collecting biometric data through filters and lenses. 

Earlier this year, 1 million Facebook Users (residents of Illinois) followed a USD 650 million settlement against a Class action lawsuit since Facebook had violated the BIPA rights by collecting the face scans and storing them without permission. Moreover, Amazon and Microsoft are also on the list of companies that violated the BIPA act.

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