According To A Report, Over Half Of President Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake!!

The news comes after Tesla CEO Elon Musk put the brakes on his $44 billion acquisition of the social media platform, citing concerns about the number of bots on the site. Inauthentic Twitter accounts, sometimes known as bots, use the site to imitate human interaction in order to achieve a certain aim.

Half Of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake:

Some were created to provide real-time information on things like the stock market and traffic updates, while others were created for more malicious purposes like disseminating false information online or defrauding individuals.

According to an investigation by Spark Toro, roughly 11 million of the president’s official Twitter handle, @POTUS, are bots or dormant accounts.

That’s 49.3 percent of Biden’s entire White House account followers.

‘Accounts that are unreachable and will not see the account’s tweets (either because they’re spam, bots, propaganda, etc. or because they’re no longer active on Twitter),’ according to Spark Toro’s statistic.

Previous President Barack Obama, Biden’s former boss, was the first commander-in-chief to use the @POTUS account to engage directly with millions of Americans online.

The account was given to former President Donald Trump after he left office. @POTUS44 was used to archive Obama’s tweets.

Ex-President Donald Trump’s archived presidential account, @POTUS45, has 42.4 percent, false followers, according to an audit. Spark Toro’s numbers do not account for stopped accounts, so his own handle cannot be audited.

Biden’s personal Twitter account, on the other hand, isn’t doing much better than the presidential account.

More than 32 million individuals follow the president on Twitter, with 43% of those accounts being false.

It has roughly 14.6 million bogus followers, which is more than the @POTUS account.

According to Twitter’s own stats, there are roughly 229 million daily users. The company has long claimed that no more than 5% of its users are bots or spammers.

On Tuesday, Musk disputed that statistic, stating that up to 20% of Twitter accounts are fake, and accused CEO Parag Agrawal of refusing to present proof of the company’s 5% claim.

‘My offer was based on the accuracy of Twitter’s SEC filings. ‘On Twitter yesterday, Twitter’s CEO publicly refused to offer proof of 5%,’ Musk said.

‘This transaction cannot move forward until he does,’ he said.

Late this month, Twitter’s board of directors revealed that it had reached an agreement with the billionaire engineer to take the site privately.

He had paid $54.20 per share for the entire platform, totaling $44 billion.

Musk, though, repeated his concerns about Twitter’s bot activity at the All In Summit in Miami later on Tuesday, alleging that at least 95 percent of accounts are genuine.

He also slammed claims that he was planning a ‘right-wing take over’ of Twitter, describing it as having a “very extreme left bias.”

Musk also saved a shot at Biden, implying that the Democrat will not have Musk’s support in 2024.

‘Historically, I have voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. To be clear, I may never have voted for a Republican,’ he remarked. ‘This election, I’ll do it.’

Following Musk’s remarks, the Twitter stock dropped 8.2 percent.

Analysts speculated that Musk’s comments were an attempt to lessen the price or pull out of the contract.

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