The Murder Crime Resulted In A $ 15 Million Penalty And 23 Years Of Imprisonment

A former University of Arizona lacrosse player George Huguely V, currently serving a 23-year sentence in prison to be convicted of the murder of Yeardley Love, was ordered by a juror to compensate $15 million as damages in the year of Yeardley’s passing.

A $ 15 Million Penalty And 23 Years In Prison Followed The Murder Crime

According to the AP’s Denise Lavoie, a jury found Huguely liable for $7.5 million in Restitution for Sharon Love and Lexi Love Hodges, who are the parents and sisters of Love.

It was initially requested that the jury award the administrator of Yeardley’s estate Sharon Love $29.5 Million in Restitution and 1 million as a civil penalty as part of the wrongful death lawsuit.

Virginia players in lacrosse Yeardley Huguely and Love Huguely were in a relationship of Love.

The Murder Crime Resulted In A $ 15 million Penalty And 23 Years Of Imprisonment

Two-degree murder cases were pressed against him after he discovered the body at her home. The autopsy revealed the cause of death was extreme force trauma to her head.

The court awarded the family of Love the right to compensation, however, no punitive damages were awarded.

Love’s lawyer stated that Huguely was drinking heavily before arriving at her residence and did not realize that she had been dead until police questioned her. According to Green, she said that Huguely’s “willful & wanton” behavior needed for civil penalties to be imposed did not occur at all in the case.

Huguely’s testimony revealed that the details of the night, including the moment when he sneaked into the area and shot her, are blurred to him.

I think of her every day,” the mother of her and her younger sister told him before he left. “That night has haunted me for years. I shouldn’t have gone to her house that night, and I take full responsibility.”

Suits for Wrongful Death

Yeardley Love’s family members filed numerous civil lawsuits following the conviction of Huguely. George Huguely filed a grievous death lawsuit in Virginia in April of 2012. In the same court for the second time over many months, the Love family has filed a lawsuit against his former college College of Virginia to court for a legal action concerning the death of his son. According to the suit, Huguely’s violent and violent behaviour toward Love was reported by the UVA coaching staff and lacrosse players, yet they didn’t do anything about it.

Wrongful Death Suit Awarded $15 Million by Jury.

On 25th of April 2022, Huguely was tried before the Charlottesville Grand Jury in the case of the unjust death of a family member. Huguely’s family sought assistance from an attorney who represented Huguely before the court. During the trial, Huguely provided evidence and presented evidence. Huguely testified that the death of his lover was a constant worry for him and that it was his fault.

The judgment of $15 million is likely to be uncollectible.

The Love family will not pay the $15 million wrongful-death decision against Huguely. Legal decisions that award millions of dollars of compensation are usually ineffective unless the plaintiff is wealthy or insured to cover these damages in civil cases such as wrongful death lawsuits.

A small portion of the $15 million he owes the Love’s parents, and sisters cannot pay since Huguely is currently in jail. Although George Huguely may be wealthy by himself, the judgment was issued against Huguely and not his family. When he is released from prison in the year 2030, Huguely will still have an outstanding loan of $15 million since the Judgement for $15 million will not run out, and he will not be able to get it discharged through bankruptcy.

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