The Family Feud Continues: Louis Angelos Has Sold His Father’s Legal Practice To Himself!

It seems that the Angelos family feud is far from over. Georgia Angelos, wife of the ailing patriarch of the Agelos family has now filed a new lawsuit against her youngest son. The lawsuit claims that Louis Angelos has sold his father’s legal practice to himself.

The new lawsuit filed in Baltimore County Circuit Court is the latest addition to the ongoing legal tussle between the Angelos family members.

The Family Feud Continues: Louis Angelos Has Sold His Father’s Legal Practice To Himself

Incidentally, two months back, Louis Angelos, 53, the youngest of the Angelos family sued his mother and the older brother John, 55, the CEO and chairman of the O’s over the control of the empire built by Angelos senior. 

The Family Feud Continues Louis Angelos Has Sold His Father's Legal Practice To Himself

Louis Angelos has called the action, “Nefarious” and equated it to “elder abuse” to his ailing father. For a few months speculations have been rife that the tension is growing in the Angelos family. 

Interestingly, the Younger brother accuses older Angelos of ill will and conspiring to control his father’s riches. Her mother Georgia Angelos, seems to have the same opinion. 

According to Georgia Angelos, “It is Lou who surreptitiously seeks to abscond with Peter’s legacy. The only small blessing is that Peter lacks the capacity to comprehend this betrayal.”

Georgia Angelos wants to usurp Lou’s control over his father’s assets and nullify the law company sale. 

“It’s hard to imagine a more brazen act of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult than Lou’s,” the lawsuit says. Interestingly, the latest Lawsuit has based its accusation on the newly passed  Statute Against Financial Exploitation, or SAFE Act.

The rumors were already floating that the Angelos family wants to sell the empire. The new lawsuits have further confirmed the rumors. According to Georgia Angelos, her husband always desired the dissolution of the law company during his lifetime. Moreover, He also desired that the Orioles be sold after his death.

According to the lawsuit, Georgia Angelos stated, “The firm had been built as an asbestos powerhouse that specialized in asbestos litigation, and Peter was well aware that asbestos litigation was in its dying stage.

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