Former Troy Athlete Files Lawsuit For Sexual Harassment And Bullying!

The former troy athlete has filed a case against a former teammate and various coaches and looks for justice.

In the case of sexual harassment and bullying, John Haynes, the former Troy Football player, has filed a lawsuit against his former teammate and three coaches of Troy University. Moreover, the plaintiff has claimed serious allegations and is looking to get justice.

John filed the lawsuit on July 25. In it, he says that his teammate and three coaches started bullying him in August 2020 and that it got worse and hurt his mental health a lot since December 2020.

Former Troy Athlete Files Lawsuit For Sexual Harassment And Bullying

John filed the lawsuit in the Middle District of Alabama’s Northern Division, where he has been asking the jury to do the right thing. Moreover, John’s teammate, Jack Dawson, was his close friend, and they soon became suitemates.

Former Troy Athlete Files Lawsuit For Sexual Harassment And Bullying

Furthermore, in the lawsuit, John claimed that the bullying included sexual harassment and verbal abuse such as homophobic slurs. Apart from it, John said that he was sodomized with a pool cue and was molested badly.

The three coaches, Brian Blackmon, Dayne Brown, and Jamaal Smith, have also been named in the lawsuit. And will have to appear in front of the jury. Moreover, it has been reported that his teammate used the three coaches’ help to bully John.

The Verdict From The Defendants

After the lawsuit was filed against the three coaches and Jack, it is reported that the defendants have said that in the early months of John’s friendship with Jack, John was taken as a “homosexual,” and it was Jack who used to abuse him night and day.

Furthermore, they have claimed that it was John’s fault that he did not intervene to stop Jack from abusing him and that he was solely to blame for being bullied by Jack. They further added that John should have fought with Jack in order to stop the bullying and harassment.

Currently, it has been reported that John is no longer a member of Troy University. John experienced depression and panic attacks due to bullying and harassment and needed antidepressants to stay well.

According to John’s lawsuit, the defendants should be charged with sexual harassment, bullying, and molestation. Furthermore, Haynes is seeking restitution from the defendants and wishes to see justice served.

However, Troy University has stated that these allegations are baseless and don’t hold any value related to the lawsuit. The university says it’s safe for all students and offers resources if they face harassment or bullying.

Now, the University won’t comment further on the given topic and will only try to file the statement in the jury. The coaches and Jack have not released a public statement, so it appears the jury will discuss the matter.

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