Ford Will Appeal A $1.7 Billion Civil Verdict After A Fatal F-250 Crash!

One of the most premium car manufacturer companies, Ford Motors Co., will be appealing to overturn the $1.7 billion verdict against them in the case of a road crash that killed a couple in 2014, which raised a lot of questions on the car safety provided by the company.

Melvina and Voncile, a Georgia couple, died in a car accident in 2014, leaving the couple dead on the scene. After that, the couple’s children, Kim and Adam Hill ensured they got justice by putting up the matter in court.

Ford Will Appeal A $1.7 Billion Civil Verdict After A Fatal F-250 Crash

The day before the jury instructed Ford to pay the dues, an automotive service chain, Pep Boys, paid around 30% of the compensation because of the wrong-sized tires installed in the truck in 2010. Moreover, it is alleged that this was the prime reason for the accident.

Ford Will Appeal A $1.7 Billion Civil Verdict After A Fatal F-250 Crash

Moreover, the jury announced that the deceased couple’s children would get a wholesome amount of $1.7 billion to ensure their life gets back on track. However, after this statement, Ford released a statement that they were considering an option to raise an appeal against the verdict.

What Was The Main Cause Behind The Accident?

In 2014, Melvina and Voncile were driving their 2002 Ford F-250 truck when the unfortunate incident happened as the truck rolled over, and the couple lost their lives. It is also possible that the couple sustained fatal injuries due to the poor structural integrity of the roofs.

Melvina and Voncile’s children criticized the company’s pickup trucks’ weak roofs in court. Moreover, the plaintiffs even accused the company of deliberately installing the weak roofs.

Different-sized truck tyres caused the accident, according to the press. The couple died because of weak roofs, according to later results.

Even in court, the plaintiff’s side presented 80 similar rollover wrecks to prove the company’s fault for installing weak roofs. These weak roofs cannot keep the passengers safe, resulting in major injuries.

However, the Ford Company’s lawyer has said that these allegations are baseless and that thor engineers have worked hard to provide all the protection to the passengers. They have further stated that the safety of the passengers is their utmost priority.

Now, the appeal regarding the verdict by Ford Motors Co. will be deeply studied to ensure justice is delivered. Moreover, Ford released a statement that the sympathies of their company go out to the Hill Family. They’ll do everything possible to ensure the family’s peace.

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