Biden Administration Officials Announce New Ukraine Security Measures!!

Russia has been involved in fighting in east Ukraine for almost five years. The conflict began in 2014 when pro-Russian separatists seized government buildings in the east and launched a militia campaign against Ukrainian forces and their supporters. The three-year conflict has claimed thousands of lives and driven nearly three million from their homes.

New 700 Million Dollar Ukraine Security Measures Are Announced By The Biden Administration!!

In 2022, everyone will be aware of the current conflict situation between Ukraine and Russia. During this time, America emerged as a helping hand for Ukraine. 

Biden Administration Officials Announce New Ukraine Security Measures

Biden administration officials say the administration will ask Congress to approve a roughly $700 million package to protect the president and vice president under a plan that would create new positions to save both of them and the White House Situation Room and enormously expand the resources of the Secret Service.

In a statement, Joe Biden said the U.S. would supply Ukraine with lethal weapons to guard against a Russian attack and provide one million dollars to install “anti-armor” Javelin missiles on Russia’s eastern border.

America’s Help For Ukraine

In a statement, Joe Biden said the U.S. would supply Ukraine with lethal weapons to guard against a Russian attack and provide one million dollars to install “anti-armor” Javelin missiles on Russia’s eastern border.

Joe Biden laid out President Barack Obama’s plan to provide fatal help to Ukraine. In a statement, Biden said the program, which includes sending weapons and providing other military assistance to the country, would be sent to Congress later this year.

“The administration will send about 700 million dollars in security assistance to Ukraine,” Biden said. “This package will include enhanced defensive weapons and security assistance to help Ukraine’sUkraine’s Armed Forces defend against the ongoing conflict in the eastern part of the country and provide security assistance to help Ukraine. 

President Joe Biden’sBiden’s national security team outlined a new proposal to arm the Ukraine military with anti-tank weapons from the United States, a proposal that comes as President Volodymyr Zelensky struggles to distance himself from his controversial efforts to push a White House agenda with the help of the president’s attorney.

America’s Security Aid Includes:- 

America has been sending military aid to Ukraine for years. Still, the agreement to send lethal military equipment to help the Kyiv government fight Russian-backed separatists has raised Moscow’s ire. The aid has included small arms, ammunition, and night vision goggles, but the Kremlin has expressed its anger at the latest military supplies, including Javelin anti-tank missiles.

The arms agreement was one of the topics discussed at the NATO summit in Warsaw this week, where alliance leaders agreed to send reinforcements to Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. The summit also discussed plans to deploy four multinational battalions in the region, which would add about 4,000 troops to the forces there.

Funding for America’s security aid for Ukraine includes $150 million for armor, assault vehicles, and counter-artillery rockets, among other things. This is on top of the $17 billion in security and defense aid already given to Ukraine over the last few years.

This strengthens our security and diplomatic relationship with one of our closest allies in Europe and further demonstrates our commitment to helping the people of Ukraine build a secure and prosperous future.

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