Artist Respond To Bored Ape Lawsuit With Claims Of Racism!

A legal confrontation is witnessed between the Ryder Ripps (creator at and Yuga labs.

Recently, Ripps filed a lawsuit, and he asked the Federal Court in Los Angeles to stop a trademark lawsuit filed against him by a creator at Yuga labs.

Artist Respond To Bored Ape Lawsuit With Claims Of Racism

Also, he argued that all the apes NFT created by him were to bring Yugalab’s attention to racism. Further, his NFTs are protected by the Law’s First Amendment and were the appropriation art (meant for criticism). 

Artist Respond To Bored Ape Lawsuit With Claims Of Racism

For background information, RIpss is the vocal critic of Yuga Labs’ BAYC Nft collection. Recently he launched his NFT collection called RR/BASIC. They have some identical features to BASIC NFTs, which he did not buy. During that time, Yuga labs had filed a lawsuit against him for his involvement in scamming consumers into purchasing his fake BAYC NFTs. 

Loui Tompros, Ripps Attorney, said that Ripp’s launch was related to art criticism and complied with the First Amendment Protections. 

Ripps Has Filed An Allegation Against Yuga Labs

Ripps recently accused BAYC artists and Yuga Lab of introducing a racist undertone in their NFT designs earlier this year. Also, the artists have blamed that BAYC founder has some Nazi Connections and showed the similarities between the BYAC logo and NAzi TokenKopf emblem, 

Rips, on His RR/BYAC Website, has mentioned that he has been doing an investigation since 2021 around the BAYC NFT project and its creators. Through intensive research, he concluded that his community members had discovered a connection between the Nazi Troll culture and BASIC. 

Some of the important points RR/BYAC puts light on are 

  • Educate people about the NFTs and their technicalities.
  • To create pressure among organizations like Yuga labs, they watch their actions.
  • Expose Yuga’s use of popular brands and celebrities to disseminate inappropriate material.
  • And to bring the attention of users to Yuga’s use of racist neo-Nazi Imagery and messages.

Further, he mentioned a goal behind RR/BASIC. He said that RR/BYAC uses appropriation to protest, satire, and educate people about NFTs and Yugalab’s BYAC. And He also explained that his work is in the spirit of several artists who have worked before on appropriation art and its extension. He claimed that the rules and regulations set up by Yuga labs lack clarity and do not meet the standard copyright laws. 

In his Lawsuit, he emphasized BYAC containing the coded racist imagery. He said that yuga labs, a multi-billion dollar company, is built on neo-Nazi dog whistles and based on racism.

Yuga Labs Response To Ripp’s Claims About Nazism

The claims by Ripps had caused controversy regarding BYAC founders having connections with Nazis. Yuga labs have responded that all the claims are rubbish and far stretched. Also, they mentioned that it is a crazy disinformation campaign. 

The co-founders Gordon had further told that most of the other founders were Cuban, Pakistani, Turkish, and Jewish and had nothing to do with the Nazi Movement. 

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