Mo’Nique, Netflix Reportedly Settle A Racial, Sex Discrimination Lawsuit!

This world is equal for all men and women, including black and white people. But this is an understanding that most people tend to forget and try to discriminate on these grounds. All these kinds of incidents try to leave a great impact on the mind and the heart of a person who has been a victim of all of this. 

Mo’Nique, Netflix Reportedly Settle A Racial, Sex Discrimination Lawsuit!

It automatically results in the development of a huge amount of hatred. This has got the tendency to move the foundation of a peaceful society. Even though a lot of awareness is in this particular category, there are many different examples in the present volt in which all of these activities are still practiced. 

Proper Reason For Litigation 

One of the most important and recent incidents has been the one related to Monique and Netflix. In 2015, Netflix was in the position to start a new comedy show, and for the same, it had offered 5 lakh dollars. This amount was the total compensation that the actress was supposed to get as a part of the completion of the acting contract for the competition that Netflix was planning to launch in 2019. But this offer was something that did not settle down so easily.

 It is important to mention that the actress found this offer very discriminatory because, compared to the other co-stars, it became important to note that she was offered a very small amount. Even the junior artists of the show were being offered more than this. In such a situation, it is important to mention that this entire incident got converted into a lawsuit in which the actress was able to say the kind of discrimination that Netflix continues against black women. This suit was filed around the first of November 2019.

Legal Argumentation 

Netflix maintained its position that we have been able to respect the principles of equality and equity and do not discriminate on any ground. They could keep the stand that they did not do anything which was discriminated against as the valuation of the offer was determined after proper Calculation, and nothing was done to disrespect the reputation of any person. 

Culmination OF The Same

After two years of ongoing litigation, the matter was finally settled. It was only recently that Netflix could mention that all the allegations have been withdrawn and the compensation amount claimed has been paid. It is important to note that both the parties were able to make the public statement that the matter has been amicably solved. 

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed to the media, but both the parties were happy about the ultimate conclusion of the lawsuit because even they did not want to extend that further. But it is known that Netflix has been in the position to change its policy to avoid any future litigation by making everything transparent.

This is one of the most important activities that Netflix has undertaken. This is also the biggest achievement that Netflix could ever report.

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