Massachusetts House Has Passed Legislation To Protect Abortion Access

One of the most legal controversies that have now been taking place in the country of the United States of America is concerning the right of women related to abortion.

Abortion Access Through New Law

Per the judgement delivered by the US Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, every possible kind of right was told upon the woman to undergo an abortion if she wanted to get a rod with the foetus at any time.

Massachusetts House Has Passed Legislation To Protect Abortion Access

The decision was given to respect the woman’s autonomy concerning her own body and give a due amount of space to exercise such an amount of autonomy in the practical world.


But this entire right that has been provided to the women is now on the verge of getting extinguished. All of this has been due to the new bill that is said to be introduced in the country of the United States of America that is likely to take up the right to abort the baby from the women.

The democratic-controlled Massachusetts house of representatives will likely pass this particular piece of legislation.

But this piece of legislation is different from the other pieces of legislation which are likely to get passed by the other states of the country of united states of America, including Texas.

Abortion Access Through New Law

All these States have been in the position to make abortion illegal and even provide for the cancellation of the professional licences of all the medical care facilities that provide access to productive health in case they assist in undertaking an abortion after 6 weeks.

It is important to mention that there is certain kind of States who has been in the position to make abortion illegal. 

Factors To Be Recorded 

The existing legislation that is likely to get passed by the Massachusetts house of representatives is a different piece of legislation that can provide sufficient scope for the people to practice reproductive rights in the way they want without being defended and charged under the out-of-state charges.

This kind of scope is extremely important to bring additional changes that will be responsible for allocating almost every kind of security grant in that place.

Therefore, the legislature has been in the position to provide a sufficient amount of funding so that the reproductive health centres could be increased and improved along with providing additional security.

It is one of the most important types of move, and most people consider for the first time that an additional amount of Grand is being allocated concerning reproductive security in Massachusetts.

This kind of legislation is likely to mitigate at least the concern of the women concerning the privacy that she has concerning their own private decisions. Of course, it is possible that this right cannot be absolute, but at the same time, it could have a greater say in the women to disseminate justice properly.

It has been responsible for becoming the need of the hour, especially after a lot of international and national challenges are posed in the economy after the iconic and historic decision that was delivered by the supreme court of The United States of America many years before overturned and overruled.

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