The Infant Formula Shortage That Occurred In 2022 Is Attributable To A milk Monopoly And The FDA.

The current infant formula shortage in 2022 has been put down to the milk monopoly and the FDA. The milk shortage leads to a rise in prices, and parents find it hard to afford the high costs of baby formula. I said the monopoly is because there are only six major dairy companies in the United States, and they are all owned by Fortune 500 companies. It is said that the FDA is responsible for not approving new milk formulas quickly enough.

A milk monopoly and the FDA are being blamed for the 2022 infant formula scarcity.

 According to reports, we expected the global baby formula shortage of 2022 to be because of a milk oligopoly in Europe and the U.S. that has limited milk supply to increase prices. As a result, parents are forced to switch to alternative formulas, which can be more expensive.

What Is A Baby Formula?

 Baby formula is a nutritious food that helps babies grow and get all the nutrients they need to be healthy. They prepared baby formula with water and either pumped breastmilk, artificial milk, or both. It contains the same nutrients in breastmilk, such as protein, essential fats, and vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B6, and C.

Baby formula shortage of 2022 :

Three reasons are behind the factors causing the U.S. baby formula shortage: bacteria, a virus, and an economic policy.


Following the deaths of at least two babies due to a rare infection, the Food and Drug Administration authorities investigated Abbott, a significant infant formula manufacturer. It found evidence of the pathogen Cronobacter sakazakii in the Michigan manufacturing facility. In the aftermath, the FDA recalled several formula brands and advised parents not to buy or use a formula that was linked to the manufacturing facility.

The covid virus:

The virus has taken over every supply chain. However, I cannot imagine a place where it has been pulled away from more than infant milk.

America’s trade and regulatory policies:

FDA regulations on formulas are strict enough that most of the products imported from Europe are prohibited from purchasing in the U.S. due to technicalities such as the labeling requirements.

 The baby formula shortage of 2022 was a global shortage of baby formula that started on March 25, 2022. Formula manufacturers worldwide could not provide an adequate amount of milk powder, and many mothers had to scramble to find it in stores, and most were unsuccessful.

 The 2022 baby formula shortage, also known as the 2022 Global baby formula shortage or the 2022 Panic of 2022, was a global economic crisis from 2022 to 2023. A decrease in exports of formula from China and other countries, which had implemented bans on baby formula exports, caused it.

Why milk monopoly and the FDA are blamed?

 That milk monopoly and the FDA are blamed because they behave like corporations instead of the organizations working for us. Their actions lead to increasing milk prices, and it seems like they’re under pressure to take advantage of that market share. It amounts to double-dipping by charging consumers high fees for milk at retail while also receiving a subsidy from the government as part of their funding.

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