Although Fired By The Client, He Refused To Return The Fees Led To The Attorney’s Suspension

A recent case has been reported where the client fired the lawyer. However, being rejected, the lawyer refused to pay back the fees, which created massive trouble for him. Attorney Suspended After Refusing to Refund Portion of Fee Despite Being Fired by Client

Purola Was Unable To Respond To The Formal Disciplinary Charge

Purola was also unable to respond to the formal disciplinary charge, which led to the interim default suspension following the state Supreme Court’s May 4 ruling.

Purola Was Unable To Respond To The Formal Disciplinary Charge

An Ohio lawyer has been given an interim suspension after refusing to pay a percentage of a client’s flat fee following his failure to finish legal representation for two criminal cases and not responding to a subsequent investigation into a disciplinary matter.

An Ohio attorney accused of trust account fraud was banned for two years with one year of probation, following Ohio’s top court backed the professional conduct board’s recommendations.

Albert Linden Purola of Willoughby, Ohio, accepted the flat rate of $12,500 for representing Ronnie Dykes in an assault case and an additional drug case, as per the complaint filed by the state Discipline Counsel.

Purola could not make a motion for suppression in the drug case and was eventually dismissed by Dykes before the assault case; however, he never received any part of the amount, as the complaint claimed.

While he said he would be representing Dykes throughout the case of assault, the defendant did not speak with witnesses, request further information, or undertake any investigation, as the complaint claims. In the drug case, the only work that the respondent was able to document was his November 17, 2020, motion for continuance. Respondent was not able to submit the motion for suppression as was promised.

In the May 4 ruling, Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said that Purola must immediately stop and abstain from practicing law.He is not permitted to represent anyone else before any judge, court or commission, board, administrative agency, or other public authority.

Under the instructions, Purola must complete several requirements to be reconsidered as a member of the Government of the Bar of Ohio.

The requirements are reimbursing any earned funds to clients, recommending clients to consult with another counsel, and returning any funds granted from Lawyers Fund for Client Protection. Lawyers Fund for Client Protection. Purola must record all of this and submit this to the Supreme Court within 30 days of being suspended.

So, readers, How can you find a lawyer to reimburse the money you paid?
Here’s a solution to your query.

To prevent any potential financial consequences resulting in your decision being criticized for firing your lawyer, submit the form of a notarized letter delivered to them through certified mail. The letter should outline why you’ve decided to fire your attorney and request the reimbursement of any unrepaid portion of your retainer.

If you’ve given the money of an attorney to them, it ought to be an agreement on fees between you (written) which will decide if and under what terms you are entitled to all of the money you paid returned.

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