About Us

Expert Legal Review is the industry-leading online publication for practicing lawyers and the legal community. The magazine delivers quality and accurate news coverage that is completely defined by relevant legal news in the US and throughout the world with a depth and clarity unmatched in the industry. 

Our team source, create, and follows services such as monthly publications, e-mag, weekly newsletters, analysis, daily news, blogs, legal tech feeds, financial reports, business impacts, cross-border security reports, and research papers. In addition to these, we also deliver content focused on practice management, legal marketing, client relationships, reputation management, recruiting, and much more. 

Our expert team of writers, editors, designers, journalists, and reporters is dedicated to producing precise and insightful comments on today’s legal landscape, including war crimes, e-commerce crimes, human rights violations, legal tech news, and the political impact around the globe in general.  By covering legal news from across major practice areas, sectors, and jurisdictions, we aim to build a well-informed community. 

Expert Legal Review’s vision is to form authentic relationships that will assist us in covering first-hand data and fill your minds with only the most reliable legal information. So, if you are on the lookout for legal news or legal consulting, Expert Legal Review is the right place.

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